” The governance in digital world applications with unified and defined sustainability measurements and information give us certainty in our actions, the providence that capital mechanisms are directing resources to higher purposes and growth where wondrous legacy rests.”


- Angelica Lips da Cruz

Our Solutions

For a multidimensional index, we collect, normalise, process, categorise, map and estimate our own data in-house. Many of the data inputs are publicly available in the interest of data reliability and of co-creation and collaboration.

Data sources include regulatory company disclosure, voluntary company disclosure, public and open source , and also proprietary datasets. Also information from the academy, respected third-party sources such as specialised providers and NGOs, including open sourced governmental information. We operate and cover with no limits on market capitalisation or geography and highly automated. We internalise and quantify the qualitative information, the externalities and integrate in the quantitative information. It is possible with our rule based processes and methodology!

Scalability is possible with our automated processes. It is currently including above 20.000 companies, private and listed, 197 countries, all regions and sectors, in a dataset with above 1.6 million data points and over 9 million score ratings. A truly multidimensional scientific measurement tool that aligns high reliability, high consistency and uncertainty levels, in a standard deviation analysis with the information existent today from the different data sources.

In our solutions, a certified data lab proud to present from the world's best experts grounded in the latest science and data measurement, including assessment with a consideration of environmental policies and implementation of sustainable and climate strategies, we currently offer the following for pension funds, life insurers, asset owners, asset managers, portfolio managers, ESG and sustainability analysts, equity and fixed income investment professionals, risk managers, impact investors, and sustainability research directors interested professionals:

Quality assured sustainable investment information for financial instruments:
Lists of companies scoring high on integrated sustainable risk/return - suitable for asset managers and investors working with cash equity. 

Sample of companies for different sustainable investment strategies including thematic portfolios:
Sample of companies per sector and per region impacting the 17 SDGs.

Automated financial sustainable analysis of companies information, their transformation development and growth compared to its peers:
Specific opportunities recommendations and a unique finder, suitable also for credit facilitators integrating sustainability in their price and risk assessment, an outlook for real time decision making.

Certification and sustainable monitoring of financial portfolios:
Stress-test a financial portfolio to certify sustainability objectives with a result oriented comparable score for fair trade, disregardless of the size of the fund, and in compliance with sustainability regulatory guidelines.

Automated impact business and investment mapping towards the 17 global sustainable development goals and targets:
Portfolio analysis of assets and business solutions impacting positively the 17 SDGs, interpretation according to conformity assured measurements.


Reporting carbon, footprint and sustainability measurements of financial instruments for regulatory and responsible investment and business purposes:

Automated reports based on monitoring portfolio and data integration and its measured footprint, carbon emission and other human, social and natural measurements information

Purpose driven sustainability index for capital markets and passive investment: 
Index of sustainable and green assets, to be provided to, and consumed by, the markets and our clients with a forward looking precision for long term growth.

More under development together with our clients and partners.

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