"Designed to convey the quality of a fund manager’s and credit facility responsible and purpose driven strategy and capabilities, providing acceleration towards financing and investments in sustainable development goals targets, impacting companies and business priorities and KPIs, and the benefit of all living things”


- Angelica Lips da Cruz


INNORBIS is a tool to make finance as a force for sustainability. Its mission is to make sustainability measures an integral part of economic assessment and capital reallocation, addressing today's great human, social, and environmental challenges.

Based on a sustainability data measurement model using a series of advanced and complex formulas which evaluates data pertaining to companies' financial, environmental, human, social and governance performances are selectively gathered and evaluated, meeting the quality requirements of scientific measurement. Advanced, complex, multilevel, nonlinear formulas are applied to observations made using sustainability indicators and rating categories to form the basis of a new consolidated standard, a standard capable of scaling up sustainable finance to mass markets and previously undreamt-of levels of impact.

The method is based on a collection of indicators and sustainability metrics alongside economic data. Far from taking that model at face value, it is a model of emergent, stochastic, and adaptive processes.


The method explicitly evaluates the information using a mathematical model and results in a sample with superior performance on the great global challenges, a result that inspires a new kind of confidence in what we measure and choose to invest on for sustainability impact. The advantage of supporting mass customisation of the data composites without compromising comparability.

The service provides evaluation for a financial instrument or a credit facilitation.
When visualised it shows the development and impact of leaders with purpose driven business solutions that boosts market's competitive advantage and capital evaluation.
The tool has the purpose to minimise hidden risks and consequently material costs, financial, environmental and human, that we are encountering alongside our evolution today.
The model of sustainable and regenerative development illustrates the direction in which resources usage are leading, picturing our investments and preferences more comprehensively than the simplistic reductions to mere financial profits and returns.

INNORBIS is a new comprehensive analytic tool of proven reliability supporting efficient decision-making across investors, governments, the private and public sectors, and institutions. It is based on a integrated analysis algorithm, with long term indicators taking into account multiple layers of data complexity, and multiple financial and sustainability indicators.


INNORBIS works not only with company information but with country-level and open source data. INNORBIS addresses the targets specified by United Nation’s 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), as well as new regulatory guidelines being developed within the sustainable finance field.

The automation gives us an advantage in a forward looking analysis, while our competitors remain mired in obsolete statistical analytics or using backward-looking models and negative screening methods. INNORBIS is set for finding opportunities in engagement questions , incentivising and visualising the transformation towards responsible and purpose-driven business, rewarding true leaders in the market, in the different sectors and regions, impacting our future in ways everyone wants to be part of.


INNORBIS is game changing, with a wondrous legacy for the future.

Our Team
Angelica Lips da Cruz, 
William P Fisher Jr,

Senior strategist accelerating the world's transition into sustainability and digital mechanisms in financial industry.

Former VP CEEMEA Head at Citibank, Director at SEB, RCI Banque, L'Óreal and SAS. Today Board Member at Skandinaviska  KreditFonden with long experience in international business development and establishment.

As an internationally recognized expert in advanced measurement applications for managing human, social, and natural capital, William has unique expertise that responds to today's accountability and transparency demands.

Lorena Sanabria Sankilampi,
Business Intelligence and Analytics

More than 15 years international experience in business development, marketing & sales, quantitative and qualitative market research. Transform insights into growth in the private and public sector. With a passion for social sustainable development, communications and research for good.

Valerie Girardot,
Operations and Business Development


17 years of experience in Tech supporting the Air Transport industry on IT Strategy, BI and Analytics, and Innovations all around the world.

Worked at the Global Fund (Geneva) on public-private partnerships in Banking and Oil & Gas industries.

Hold a Master of Science in IT from INSA (France) and MBA from INSEAD (France, Singapore).

Mikael Klasson,
Risk Analytical Expert

Strong technical leader with a track record of successfully and passionately driving innovation towards a sustainable world.

Former Wholesale Finance Manager and Senior Credit Risk Analyst at RCI BANQUE within the Nordic Countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark). Expertise in the industrial sector.

Joakim Strandberg,
Senior Software Engineer


Technically knowledgeable and ambitious system developer with a genuine passion for good programming, including a well thought out test strategy. A proven innovator in both technology and methodology, having many years of experience with the external simulator for the Air Traffic Control system. Previously worked for SAAB Surveillance AB and Cxense Sweden AB.

Front End developer coming soon

Leslie Pendrill

PhD in Experimental Physics, Metrological Quality Assurance. 

Former Chair of EUROMET - European Association of Metrology Institutes, RISE- Research Institutes of Sweden

Marcus Öhman

PhD in Ecology, former Stockholm Resilience Center.

Former Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, MD of the Swedish Protection Agency Naturvårdsverket

Annika Poutiainen
Giorgio Vellani

Chair Council for Swedish Financial Reporting

Compliance Officer and Legal Advisor at Aberdeen Asset Management

Anita Lindberg

Chair SWESIF - The Swedish Forum for Sustainable Investments and ESG specialist at Alfred Berg Asset Management / BNP Paribas

Jonas Wallenius

Stragegic Product Manager Innovation at DigitalRoute.

Former Systems & Solutions Architect at Symsoft.

19 years of international experience of high-volume, real-time usage data processing from telecom, IoT and other enterprise domains working with the world's largest companies.

Co-organizer of Decentralized Camp blockchain technology meetup. Co-creator of Block Wars, Ethereum-based strategy game.

Chi Hao Poon

CTO for Newst and Former Tech Lead at Tieto.

Co-organizer for Decentralized Camp blockchain technology meetup

Co-creator of Block Wars Ethereum-based strategy game.

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